Video Marketing for Investment Advisors

The number of investment advisors using videos to reach more clients and increase their revenue has risen sharply over the last couple of years. Video is no longer just a part of the overall digital marketing plan. It has become a vital tool for many investment advisors to increase their outreach and complement their websites. Research shows that video is the most-watched media on all social channels.  It should be a vital component of your social media marketing strategy.  

Does it work? Will leveraging the power of video increase your AUM and grow your revenue?

Well-produced video is the key to effective marketing

Using videos to market your expertise and services can help you reach people who need your knowledge and expertise. Latest statistics show that video marketing is well worth the investment. Almost  89% of those who use marketing say that videos have a positive ROI, while 83% say video boosts lead generation. As an investment advisor, you can use video marketing to generate more leads, boost your AUM, and increase revenues. Placing videos on your website has also been shown to increase your conversion rates.

Not all videos create the right first impression.

You wouldn’t show up for an in-person meeting with a prospect wearing work-out clothes.  It’s no different when the videos you produce have poor lighting, tinny audio, no branding and limited graphics.

If you can’t produce videos that look professional, don’t go down this path.


Videos serve another valuable purpose.  They permit you to showcase your unique personality and style.  The goal of your videos should be to create warmth and likeability.  After viewing your videos, you want prospects to feel like they know you, like you and can see that you share common values.  The optimal reaction you’re trying to generate is: I have a good feeling about that person.  I’d like to get to know them better.

Optimize for mobile

It’s important for the videos you generate to be optimize for mobile devices.  Over 90% of Facebook users log in from mobile devices.

You should familiarize yourself with how to optimize your videos for mobile.  Some tips include, making your videos square instead of landscape, making the text large, and previewing your video on mobile.

Make an emotional connection

You know the finer points of investing, but it’s unlikely an extended discussion of those issues will hold the attention of your audience

Our brains are hard wired to seek an emotional connection. Emotions impact the brain in a more powerful way than facts.

If you are overwhelming your audience with facts, imagine the viewer longing for an emotional connection.

Prospects are, of course, interested in your expertise, but first you have to establish trust. You do that by sharing who you are, your personal journey, your interests and values.

Leverage social media

Social Media videos can also help you connect with your audience on sites like LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Social Media videos should be short, engaging, and playful. Always ensure that your social content videos are shareable.

Investment advisors can also use explainer videos to teach prospective investors about their services and expertise.


Under certain circumstances, you may be able to use videos to create testimonials.

The SEC has approved a new rule under the Advisers Act, Rule 206(4)-1, which is referred to as the “Marketing Rule.”  You will need to coordinate with legal counsel and your compliance department to ensure any testimonials you produce don’t violate any of the prohibitions in the new rule.

Are You Using Videos in Your Marketing Strategy?

The growing popularity of video content presents an exciting marketing opportunity. All social platforms prioritize video content, New software and related technology makes it increasingly easy to produce high quality video content on your own, quickly and inexpensively.

We created this video using artificial intelligence in an extremely cost-effective way.