Who’s Dan?

Sales Coaching for Investment Advisors

Hi, I’m Dan.

I’m glad you’re interested in Ask.

Dan on a scooter
I never did figure out how to ride this without falling off.

I’m a socially awkward introvert and a (reformed) lawyer who has devoted the past two decades to helping Main Street Americans live better lives.

As an introvert, I don’t like large gatherings of people.  I feel uncomfortable engaging in small talk.  I’m not enthused about meeting new people, but that quickly changes once I have a substantive conversation with them.

I don’t like parties.  My idea of hell would be a large New Year’s eve gathering, with a lot of noise, people wearing pointy hats and everyone having “fun” — except me.

Even sharing this limited information is hard for me.

I value time alone so I can think and reflect.

I’m driven to help the underdog — those who might not have access to research that’s easy to understand and implement.  Ask fits that pattern.  You’ll immediately grasp how to change the way you relate to others.

I live in Bonita Springs, Florida, with my wife Patricia.  She’s a wonderful artist and person.  I couldn’t have written Ask, or any of my other books without her.

I wanted to share this information about me, but Ask is really all about you.

Dan and Patricia in Hawaii