Benefits of Online Video Training for Investment Advisors

Online Sales training video courses for financial advisors have more to offer than in-person sales training courses.

As an investment advisor, one of your goals is to improve your conversion rate, thereby increasing your AUM and your revenues.

One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to improve your sales training skills. 

An online video course is the most convenient, effective way to refine these skills. This article will discuss what you need to know about online sales training video courses for investment advisors. 

Online Sales Training Course vs In-Person Class

Technological advancement has made continuing education more accessible than in the past. You can now improve  your sales skills from the comfort of your home or office using online classes. 


As a finanacial advisor, there are many constraints on your time which can make it difficult to attend in- person classes. Fortunately,  you don’t have schedule an entire day to  develop your sales skills.  With an onlin course for financial advisors you havethe freedom to sign up and complete your sales training course from anywhere at your preferred time, without traveling or being concerned about your attire. 

Gain a competitive edge

The financial industry is extremely competitive.  Whether you are seeking to enter this profession, or interested in generating more business, an online sales training program for financial advisors may be just what you need.    

Greater scale

The trend of mergers in the financial advisory industry has presented an unexpecrted challenge.  Advisors with different backgrounds and disparate cultures now need to be integrated into one firm.  One of the best ways  to do so is with an online video sales training program, which has the ability to scale and provide uniform sales training to all members of your advisory team. 

Instead of requiring advisors to appear together at one or more in-person meetings, using an online sales training course permits your advisors to schedule a time when they will complete the course at their convenience, minimizing disruption to their schedules.

More Control

An online sales training video course for financial advisors provides more control than in-person training sessions. You know exactly what you’re getting (by previewing the online course) before making a commitment. 

The preview video for my new online course explains how it helps financial advisors deepen their relationships and increase their sales. It sets forth these topics, which are covered in the course:

  • Simple concepts that will enhance your business and personal relationships
  • How you can improve all your interactions and bring more success to your business
  • Why the focus on your qualifications is misplaced
  • The dominant factor of making good decisions
  • Why you should never tell your own story
  • Why persuading others causes them stress
  • How to generate positive feelings in anyone

More cost-effective

In-person classes can be more expensive than online sales training programs because of the associated costs. These costs include traveling expenses to attend the location where the course is given, hiring venues and equipment, paying the presenter(s) to attend the classes, catering and the cost of support staff.

On the contrary, individuals and companies are guaranteed to enjoy significant savings when With an online sales training video course program, you incur none of these costs.  

More Accessible

Online sales training courses for sales advisors offer more accessibility than in-person classes. All you have to do is log in to your training dashboard and select your preferred module and topic. 

You can watch your online sales training video course on any platform of your choice at any convenient time.  This makes it an ideal learning method for individuals who prefer to watch the course on a tablet, mobile device, or laptop instead of a traditional desktop. 

Choosing a video sales training course

There are many factors to consider when choosing an online sales training video course for yourself or members of your team.

Initially, preview the course.  Most courses have a brief video you can review without cost.  Many courses, including the one I offer, will provide a way for corporate sponsors to review the entire course before deciding whether to recommend it for their employees.

When you review the preview, assess the quality of the production.  A well produced video course will be properly lit, with high quality audio.

Pay particular attention to illustrations, any stock videos inserted inserted in the course, and motion graphics.  Do they help the viewer understand the content, or are they distracting or even annoying?

Assess the presenter.  A good presenter should be confident, articulate and engaging.

If your initial review checks these boxes and you want to pursue investing in the course, be sure it’s on a platform that specializes in online video courses.  Think of a learning platform like a browser.  A good one makes paying for the course, and navigating it once you have purchased it, a seamless experience.

There are a number of excellent online course and online learning platforms.  Here are some of the best-known ones.  Courses on these platforms should meet your most stringent requirements:

  1. Thinkific
  2. Udemy
  3. Skillshare
  4. Teachable
  5. Podia
  6. Kajabi
  7. LearnWorlds
  8. Mighty Networks
  9. Pathwright
  10. Simplero
  11. MasterClass
  12. Coursera
  13. Udacity
  14. Pluralsight
  15. EdX
  16. LearnDash
  17. Kartra
  19. Teachery
  20. Academy of Mine
  21. iSpring Market
  22. Wiz IQ
  23. Pinlearn
  24. Linkedin Learning

Next, consider the cost of the online video sales training course.  While online courses are often less expensive than in-person presentations, costs can vary widely and will add up quickly if you are purchasing the course for many employees.

Finally, check out the length of the course.  Recently, there’s been a trend in e-learning towards “micro learning”, which refers to presenting information in short bursts.

When I conceptualized my online sales training course, I called on my experience with live audiences and my research into our short attention span.

I broke my course into 6 short modules, with an aggregate length of 30 minutes.  

The feedback I’ve received is users found this presentation style more impactful and less intimidating than longer courses, but it may not be suitable for all types of online courses.

Key Takeaway

Online Sales training video courses for financial advisors have more to offer than in-person sales training courses. They are less expensive, more convenient, more accessible and easier to evaluate in advance than in-person courses.