Excerpts from a Review by Michael Kitces

(who included Ask in his list of best books for financial advisors, 2022 edition)

A relatively short and easy read…..a nice refresher for experienced advisors……great starter book for newer advisors trying to learn how to build better relationships….

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Excerpts from The BookLife Prize:

This engaging book is an encouraging, enthusiastic guide to gaining admiration, business–and happiness–by not just asking questions, but asking the right questions.

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Excerpts from Kirkus Reviews:

…well constructed and elegantly written…
…entertaining, easy-to-read…
…Solin’s deceptively simple premise is solid.
Smart, succinct, and highly engaging.

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Excerpts from Blueink Review:

…well-written, straightforward ode to letting others have their say.
…easy to read…
….in a world clambering with endless noise and jibber-jabber, Ask makes a rock-solid case for the power of simply keeping our mouths shut.

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Excerpts from N.N. Light’s Book Heaven:

This book isn’t just an effective tool for business, it’s a great tool for life.

A remarkably original approach to self-help that will help anyone who picks up this book. A very good read and I recommend it to everyone.

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Excerpts From a Review by Financial Advisor, Morgan Ranstrom:

…I highly suggest you buy the book. It’s a quick and enlightening read with practical suggestions for implementing the book’s research-based insights in your day-to-day life.

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In my three-decade career that has centered on connecting with others, I’ve learned there’s always more to learn about building relationships. Dan Solin is an accomplished and adept communicator whom I have known personally and professionally for more than 20 years. In Ask: How to Relate to Anyone, he blends real-life insights with peer-reviewed research to explain why becoming the most interested person in the room, instead of the most interesting, is the key to fostering stronger connections. For anyone seeking to master the art of building enduring relationships, consider this one of your essential guidebooks.
Dave Butler
Co-CEO of Dimensional Fund Advisors LP
An engaging book that provides thoughtful, actionable, and perhaps most importantly, evidence-backed insights that reveal what each of us can do to improve our ability to relate to others.
David Hoffeld
Author of The Science of Selling
Dan Solin’s ASK: How to Relate to Anyone is a brilliant fusion of the academic and the actionable, of research findings and real-life strategies. Solin offers succinct, engaging summaries of findings from the fields of positive psychology, communication, and neuroscience. His genius lies in demonstrating Why and How those findings can be easily adopted by leaders, advisors, teachers and anyone else who strives to be of use to other human beings.
Moira Somers, Ph.D., C.Psych.
Author of Advice that Sticks
I hope, with the help of your book that I can become a master ASKer because it truly is one of the most effective tools for effective communication that I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been in Communications professionally for 35 years). Wish I had had the book decades ago.
Jeffery Goddard
CEO Executive Producer, TVA Media Group
Dan uses solid research, presented in an accessible way, to lay out the steps everyone can take to improve their relationships and transform their lives.
Jocelyne Whitehead, Neuroscientist
This is a brilliant guide to a better life, as well as a compendium to a wealth of further information on happiness.
Cameron Passmore, Partner, PWL Capital and co-host of The Rational Reminder podcast
Who doesn’t need help with our relationships? “Ask” provides a very thoughtful and detailed review of how we should conduct our lives if we want to build closer relationships. I have been employing the results of Dan’s research for some time now with great success. Thank you Dan.
Micheal Burch, Managing Partner, Welch LLP
I’m ready to be the person who asks and listens. A great read.
Jim Palumbo, Principal & Chief Development Officer at Dynamic Advisor Solutions, and President at EvangAlliance Media.