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New Ask Online Course

This course is based on ground-breaking research by New York Times bestselling author, Dan Solin.

Did you know there’s a scientifically based way to interact with everyone?

This science is the key to better, more productive interactions, not only with potential clients and colleagues, but also with family and friends.

Dr. Nik Kendrew is a medical doctor with a passion for medicine and psychology.  In this online course, he’ll explain the extensive research in Dan Solin’s groundbreaking book, Ask: How to Relate to Anyone.

Here what you’ll will learn:

  • The simple concepts that will transform your business and personal relationships. 
  • How losing the “battle of agendas” will enhance all your interactions and bring greater success and fulfillment.
  • Why the focus on your qualifications is misplaced.
  • The dominant factor in making decisions, which is often ignored.
  • Why trying to persuade others causes them stress.
  • Why “telling your story” is often a terrible idea.
  • How to become that rare person who generates positive feelings in just about everyone.

The lessons are easy to understand and to implement. 

Dan has taught these principles to thousands of people worldwide.  You can read their testimonials by clicking here.

The entire course is less than 40 minutes, broken down into 6 modules.

The cost is no more than the price of a book.

The information is invaluable.

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