Surprising Insights About the Way We Interact

I’m really happy (and much relieved) to report that the manuscript for Ask is completed.  It’s now being formatted.

As I reflect on the odyssey of writing this book, I wanted to share some observations about the research underlying Ask.

A profound impact 

Writing Ask has given me renewed respect for Dale Carnegie, the author of How to Win Friends and Influence People. When he published his book in 1936, he didn’t have access to cutting-edge technology like functional MRIs, that we take for granted today.  Yet, the basic principles he espoused are still valid.

My research supports an evidence-based way to form more meaningful relationships with everyone in your life, in every context (business and social).  But I believe the ramifications are even more profound.

Ask makes the case for eliciting information, rather than conveying it.  For asking questions, rather than making statements. For being the most interested person, rather than the most interesting. 

It elevates sincerity, empathy, active listening and curiosity, over pursuing our agenda, persuading others we are “right” and dominating the conversation.

Few are aware of the research in Ask.  It’s supported by over 450 studies.

I believe Ask will profoundly change the lives of readers.  It has already had a significant impact on many of my coaching clients.

Marketing Ask

I will be devoting significant time and resources over the next 3-6 months to bringing Ask to market. In addition to traditional retail sales, Ask will be offered for co-branding to advisors (and others) who believe in the message and want to share it with their prospects and clients.  In addition to putting your logo on the cover, you will be able to have a message from you bound into the book. Pricing information for bulk orders will be available shortly.

An exciting collaboration

Despite the adage that “you can’t judge a book by its cover,” many people do.  For that reason, I’m excited to announce the cover design will be done by famed Welsh designer, James Paul Jones.  Jones has done stunning covers for books by Malcolm Gladwell, Joan Didion, Adam Grant, Steven Pinker, Julian Baggini and many others.

Prior to agreeing to accept this assignment, he asked to read the manuscript.  His comments were very encouraging: I’ve read many self-help manuscripts, and this one had me hooked. Really enjoying it.

I’m excited to be working with him.