A Worthy Goal

Illustration of woman gazing across the desert, holding a cup of coffee - illustration by Ouch.pics
illustration by Ouch.pics

I’m writing Ask to make a positive impact on readers.  A collateral benefit is that the research has been so eye-opening it’s heightened my personal awareness of how I can “be better.”

Whenever I speak, I ask the audience this question:  Have you ever said something you thought was really interesting to someone and they stopped, looked into your eyes and said:  Tell me more about that?

Rarely does a hand go up, which is a sad commentary.  But it gets even more interesting when someone shares an experience where that did happen.  When I ask them to elaborate, they typically say something like:  That’s my best friend.  She always makes me feel like I’m very special by showing a genuine interest in me.

I then inquire:  How do you feel about that person?  Invariably, the response is:  I love her.

Then I ask this:  What if, instead of everyone else who’s here, it was just you and those with whom you interact?  And when I asked if anyone had that experience, every hand went up and they all said you were that person?  And when I asked all those people how they felt about you, they all said:  We love her?

That exercise brings home the point.  That’s the person you (and I) want to be.

It’s a worthy goal that underlies Ask.